Real BKs Week 8 Powerful Power Rankings

Still so bad they have their own tier (Very close to be joined by one other team) 

32. New York Jets (0-7) LW-32 

They actually kept the game close against the Bills on Sunday. However, in the second half, the #TankforTrevor campaign was back on. I have trouble finding a game this team can win, 0-16 is not just possible; but likely

No Hope for 2020 


31. Dallas Cowboys (2-5) LW-27- 

A disgraceful loss to the WPFFT is a low mark for my Boys- The worst defense I’ve ever watched, mixed with a Dakless anemic offense is not a recipe for success.

GM Stephen Jones says things are going in the right direction, but unless that direction is to the worst team in the league and a full #Tankfortrevor; I don’t see it. (Please someone end my misery)

30 . Atlanta Falcons- 1-6 LW-29- 

Poor Atlanta-The only solace I have in this season is that I am not a Falcons fan  Todd Gurley pulls an Ahmad Bradshaw and scores by accident, Lions get a chance to win the game in the last minute, and do exactly that.

Sad days in Atlanta…  on the bright side .. At least Dan Quinn is gone, right? 

29. Jacksonville Jaguars- (1-6) LW-31- Only reason this team isn’t 31 or 30 is cause the Cowboys are a dumpster fire, and the Falcons are well The Falcons. 

 Minshew mania is just that; absolute mania. They always seem to stay close in games but can never pull them out. Also a front runner in the Trevor Lawrence


28. Washington Football team (2-5) LW 30- A win against the 2020 Cowboys isn’t going to pad the resume too much. The Football team still stinks, The Cowboys just stink more. 

27. New York Giants- (1-6) LW 29- Up one strictly due to having more upside than the Football team, and plus Daniel Jones gave us the butt fumble of 2020 so that’s gotta be worth something. 

26. Philadelphia Eagles- 2-4-1 LW 28- – This week the Eagles are in the top spot in the NFC Least. Which is almost like being the best Veggie to give out to kids on Halloween. Like baby carrots are delicious but like … What the fuck man?

25. The Minnesota Vikings- 1-5 LW 26- Have the benefit of coming off a bye week so staying put this week. If it weren’t for the NFC east this team would be a few spots lower.

24. The Cincinnati Bengals- 1-5-1 LW 25- Bengals also staying put at 24 They have their guy at QB but they blew yet another lead this week to Mr.State Farm himself. Burrow is good, the rest of the team needs work. 

23. The New England Patriots- 2-4- LW 16- The biggest fallers this week is The Patriots, they looked inept on offense and defense against the 49ers on Sunday. In the words of Joe Malkin himself. “They just stink” If the version of the Patriots we saw Sunday continues to show up for the rest of the year, there is not one team ahead of them on this list I’m confident they could beat. A looming matchup with the AFC east leading bills calls for tough days ahead for NE in 2020. 

22. Denver Broncos- 2-4 – LW- 23- Best thing coming out of Denver this week was the FIRST SNOW FOOTBALL GAME of 2020! They then got smoked by the Chiefs, but they beat the Patriots in week 7! unfortunately do them that’s not a statement that warrants much weight in 2020. 

21. The Houston Texans – 1-6 – LW 22- The Texans are only ahead of the Pats cause head to head IMO the Texans win by 21. This team has pieces. This is just the season from hell. #Onto2021 for Houston. 

Tier 2 

In the mix


20. Detroit Lions- 3-3- LW 20- You would think a last-second win dramatic win would rise you a few spots… Not when it’s against the Falcons. However to Michael Marcangelos delight, this team is right in the mix at almost the midway point for the season

19. Miami Dolphins- 3-3 LW 17- It’s officially Tua Time in Miami- and while that means the future is here, it means there’s a rookie QB playing his first career game next week Also, the teams ahead of them had some big wins this week. Fun stuff ahead for Dolphins fans. 

18. San Diego Chargers- 2-4 LW 21- Speaking of rookie QBs Justin Herbert has officially arrived. Leading the league in TD’s and QBR since he took over starting duties he is on a mission to make the Chargers super again. Look out for this team. 

17. Carolina Panthers-3-3 LW-18 This team is the definition of frisky- Teddy B and the Panthers never beat themselves and DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson has emerged as legit playmakers. Even with the loss, this team is on the rise. 

16. The LV Raiders- (3-3)LW 12 They got dismantled by the TB12 Bucs- The Bucs are good, but I expected a lot more out of them this week. Still not sure if it is a contender or pretender.

15.- San Francisco 49ers-(3-3) LW 19 Not sure if they win against the Patriots says more about the 49ers or the Patriots, but given the injuries for the 49ers this season it’s remarkable they are in this spot. Kyle Shanahan is making a great case for coach of the year. 

14- Cleveland Browns- (5-2) LW 15- Great win against a frisky Bengals team- Losing OBJ hurts- But baker looked like baker from his rookie season after OBJ went down. Addition by subtraction? Honestly, If there’s anyone who would be a prime candidate for an “Ewing theory” it would be OBJ- Only time will tell how much it hurts them. 

13. Indianapolis Colts-(4-2) LW- 14 – Bye week in week 7, and I didn’t even notice or miss them.  Personally to me, they’re the least interesting team in the league. Phillip rivers is boring- TY Hilton is old, despite that they keep winning and find themselves one game behind TEN for the AFC South Division lead. 

12. New Orleans Saints- (4-2)- LW- Saints held on to win without both their primary WR’s. Not sure how Brees and Kamara have done this without arguably the best WR in football. All credit to Brees as he led his 52nd GW drive of his career. Once Thomas is healthy lookout NFL


11. Buffalo Bills- (5-2)- LW- 9- You would think a win against your rival would help your ranking. But a lackluster 18-10 showing against the unbeaten Jets has fraud written all over it. Bills offense has lost its way the past few weeks. See what this team has next week verse NE.



10.Chicago Bears- (5-2)  LW 8 If DK was mad when I ranked them at eight he won’t be happy right now- Going down to the Rams like that on national TV I just expected a much better showing from the Bear If this team had a real offense they would be a problem. The fact is at the moment they don’t. 

9. LA Rams- 5-2 LW 10- Beating the Bears handly is a good look. Hard to take a team seriously who hasn’t beaten anyone outside the NFC East- If they had a real QB this team would dangerous. 

8. Tennessee Titans- (5-2)- LW 5 – Derrick Henry is usually a man among boys but against the Steelers front 7 he looked human again. Tannehill showed he can’t win with just his arm alone. It was a great game but Pitt put Ten in a position to take control of that game multiple times. The titans did not capitalize. Plus I foresee Gostowski’s leg being a real problem in January. 

7. Arizona Cardinals- (5-2) LW- 11-The biggest riser this week and for good reason, beating arguably the best team in the NFL is probably the game of the season. Still see the Seahawks as the favorites in this division- However it sure as hell just got a lot closer. This team is REAL. I can’t wait for round two

6. Green Bay Packers- (5-1)- LW-7 A-Rod came back with vengeance after his lackluster week 6 performance. Even without Aaron Jones the Packers dominated the disappointing Texans. (By far the NFCS team-worst prediction) The Packers look real and are ready for a real run at the Ship. 

5. Baltimore Ravens- (5-1)-LW-3  Ravens were on a bye however have somehow gotten better- Trading for Yannick Ngakoue and signing Dez Bryant to the PS. The Team is loading up to hopefully break that “paper champion” tagline we gave them at the beginning of the season. 

4. Tompa Bay Bucs-(5-2) LW-6 Tom Brady dropping dimes was a sight that brought tears to NE fans eyes. Tom had his best week so far this season and leads the league in TD’s since week 3- They may be unproven and this year’s “Dream team” or “best team on paper” but for once it’s working and this The team is looking as advertised. 

3. Seahawks. (6-1) LW 2 – A loss in primetime in the game of the year is not enough to take them out of my top 3. Russell Wilson is still on a different level. Still one of my favorites to win the super bowl. 

2. Steelers- (6-0) LW 4 – The lone undefeated team in the league has to be number one right? Nope, The Steelers looked great in the first half against the Titans but did everything they could to try and let them come back. If not for the untrustworthy leg of Stephen Gostowski their momentum could be heading in a whole different direction. A great win- Still not enough to unseat the champs. 

1. Chiefs (6-1) LW -1  When a team is ranked number one and they win 43-16 Regardless of what happens beneath them they must stay number one. Again this team showed they did not need to rely on Mahomes to win games as he finished with an uneventful 15/23 – 200 Yards and only one TD. and they STILL  put up 43 on the Broncos, Next up …. The Jets … See you back on top next week KC!

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